This Forum is a programme aimed at high achieving, well-rounded science, maths and technology students in Year 12 at New Zealand Secondary Schools who will be returning to Year 13 and who are planning to study science or technology subjects at tertiary level in New Zealand.

All Secondary Schools and Rotary Clubs in each Rotary District are sent copies of the application forms together with the necessary guidelines for student selection.  Applications from students MUST be lodged with the local Rotary Clubs assigned as their liaison Club.  Members of these Rotary Clubs will interview the students they select, endorse their shortlist selection and forward this selection to their Rotary District Co-ordinator who will then make the final District selections.  These final selections will receive final approval from the Forum Director.  Successful students will only be advised after the Forum Director’s  final approval and confirmation of their place at the Forum is given.

At both Rotary Club and Rotary District level, selection is based on positive personal qualities and proven scholastic achievement.  Successful students should be advised by the Rotary District Co-ordinator of their selection to attend the next Forum by the end of October at the latest.  Two of the selected applicants who attend the Forum will have an opportunity to either apply for the chance to win a place to attend the London International Youth Science Forum held in July each year or receive a scholarship.

The Forum Fee includes the cost of accommodation, tuition, some fun activities and transport in Auckland.  Travel to and from Auckland for students  living more than 150km from the Forum venue will also be met by the Forum organisation.

It is usual for the sponsoring Rotary Club and/or schools to assist with paying part of the Forum Fee.  The balance is required to be paid by the successful applicant.  The amount that each student is to pay will be determined by their nominating Rotary Club.  The payment arrangement between the nominating Rotary Club and successful applicants who have been nominated will be discussed, agreed, recorded and confirmed at the interview with the nominating Rotary Club to avoid any confusion.

The Forum organising committee are beginning the planning process for the 2022 Forum.


Dates:      8 – 23 January 2022 

Venue:     The University of Auckland, 35 Whitaker Place, Grafton, Auckland 1010

Cost:        The all-inclusive cost for attending the 2022 Forum is to be confirmed

Forum General Contact Email Address:

Forum Trust Contact:  Nadeen Harbuz, Secretary at


July 2021 – Information and application packs to be mailed out to Secondary Schools and Rotary Clubs in time for the start of the third term.

September 2021 – Final date for fully completed Student applications to be submitted to their local Rotary Clubs

August – September 2021 –  Selection of applicants for Rotary Club interviews,  interviews to take place and selection of applicants for nomination to Rotary District Committees

September 2021 – Final date for nominations and fully completed applications and supporting documentation to be submitted to the Rotary District Co-ordinators

October 2021 – Successful Applicants and their supporting Rotary Clubs to be advised by the Rotary District Co-ordinators of their selection after final confirmation for them to attend the 2020 Forum is received from the Forum Director

October 2021 – Final date for agreed portion of payment to be received by Rotary Clubs from students who have been confirmed as being awarded a place to attend the 2021 Forum.

October 2021 – Final date for full payment of registration fees to the Trust for students selected to attend the 2022 Forum.

Mid December 2021 –  Forum Handbook and personal documentation to be mailed directly to successful Applicants,




  • Contact the Heads of Science at the Secondary Schools assigned to your Rotary Club in July/August to encourage and manage applications
  • Ensure that all applications are completed clearly, accurately and in full and that they have the required signatures as well as all required supporting documentation attached
  • Please ensure fee payment pathways are in place – your Rotary District Co-ordinator can be contacted for details if required


  • Interested Students must contact their local Rotary Clubs in good time as late applications will be declined
  • Students and Rotary Clubs to ensure Application forms are clearly and accurately completed and that all required signatures are on the forms
  • Students and Rotary Clubs to ensure that all the required supporting documents to the Application forms are attached
  • Students to keep a copy of their Application form and supporting documentation as well as the contact details for your local Rotary contact person
  • Students to be prepared to meet members of your local Rotary Clubs for an informal interview in September 
  • Follow up with your Rotary Club contact in early October if you have not heard from them regarding the status of your application
  • Keep and share your Rotary Forum Brochure with your family/guardians!
  • Check the permanent and reliable email address you provide on your application form regularly from mid-October onwards.  School email addresses will not be accepted.  Please note that communication with you could come at any time from the Forum Organisers or their Travel Agent (if contact from the travel agent is applicable to you).

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